Business VOIP Phones

If you are switching to a VOIP phone system for your business, then you will need to get an SIP-enabled phone to help you maximize your new phone service’s potential. Thankfully, today’s current market has exploded with multiple brands with numerous features to help satisfy a diverse range of business-consumer needs. Here, we narrow down the choice to some of the best brands out there in business VOIP phones.

VOIP Brands

With many business VOIP phones currently saturating the marketplace, it’s best to know some of the top rated brands in the business. Let’s face it, you don’t want to invest money in equipment that doesn’t work, and that’s why this list exist. All of the phones listed here come from reliable manufacturers with experience in the industry.


If there’s a brand with name recognition, Cisco is one of the best known brands in providing SIP-enabled phones that deliver to you endless function and capability. They offer you multiple types and styles of both corded, cordless, and conference phones that can deliver up to twelve lines, HD Voice, Wi-Fi connectivity, and next generation technology.


Purchasing a Yealink SIP-enabled phone means possessing the ability to communicate more effectively in geographically disperse locations. Like Cisco, they offer customers a wide range of business VOIP phones such as corded, cordless, and conference phones, and they are an established leader in telepresence, video, and voice solutions.


A lesser known, but highly reliable company in the business VOIP phone market is Digium. They offer customers a complete selection of business VOIP phones and they are the innovator behind Asterisk open source platform. Thus, they are one of the most reliable new kids on the block when it comes to VOIP phone technology. The products they offer are highly scalable and offer a diverse array of support.


If you are looking for a next generation VOIP phone, look no further than Grandstream. They design award-winning products that deliver businesses the tools they need for quality telecommunications. Recognized as one of the most affordable VOIP manufacturers in the market, they also are the most versatile. Many of their products offer broad industry interoperability.

VOIP Phones Making Business Better

Thanks to the development of VOIP for business, many tech companies are responding with innovative products. However, not all are created equal. The brands listed above are known leaders in the market dedicated to propelling you forward.


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