Inbound Call Tracking Solutions

If you are looking for a way to keep track of the effectiveness of your business, you need an inbound call tracking service that is built-in to your phone service. Today’s VOIP technology allows you to do just that with a host of features that will never leave you wanting. With VOIP, you can track every inbound call your company takes and measure the effectiveness of your staff in satisfying your customer needs.

Control through Tracking

VOIP provides you with unmatched inbound call tracking solutions by offering it to you as a built in service feature. There is no need to outsource the oversight of your company’s marketing campaigns or the effectiveness of your employees in customer relations.

Easy Setup

Many VOIP providers offer easy-to-use interfaces that can help you monitor your inbound call logs and analyze your company’s call data. All you need to do is set yourself up and any other authorized person as an administrator to view and monitor calls. Even better is VOIP’s ability to store this information in the cloud, giving you nearly limitless access to important company data.

Track Every Call and Every Result

VOIP’s inbound call tracking solutions give you access to each and every call your company receives. Therefore, you can easily keep track of your company’s sales efforts and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can assign unique numbers to each campaign your company implements, and analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns based on the call volume you receive and the efforts of your sales team.

Cost Effective

Unlike outsourced inbound call tracking solutions services, VOIP delivers inbound call tracking to you as a built-in feature of your service plan. There’s no need for pay-per minute plans. Therefore you are saving your company time and money.


Making VOIP’s inbound call tracking solutions as a feature of your phone service plan is an effective way to keep your employees accountable to your company standards. You can use it for call monitoring and training purposes, and you can gain intelligence on how your customers interact with your company on a daily basis.

Making VOIP a Part of Your Business

With VOIP quickly taking over the role of many phone services by integrating them into one simple service, I’d say it’s about time you consider switching. There are just so many advantages to VOIP compared to traditional plans. With VOIP, you get the competitive edge.


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