VoIP Phone Service for Business

In a world dominated by cell phones and tablets, small to mid-sized companies frequently neglect to give careful attention to the business phone services they pick, thinking their mobiles will have the capacity to adapt. Actually, as you invest time and energy precisely considering other key services for your business, picking the right VoIP Phone Service ought to likewise be an issue you explore completely.

VoIP Phone Services for business work as an extensive call-forwarding solution, wherein calls are transferred to each employee’s designated phone when a customer or client calls the main business number. Some companies provide a variety of features with business phone system, such as automated receptionists, voicemail, call forwarding, call screening and online faxing with their cloud based phone systems.

Some of the Benefits of Cloud based VoIP Phone Service

Top Line Business Features

Likewise, setting a cloud-based phone system can build your business brand. It can help the reputation of your brand. Cloud-based communication gives you the capacity to get calls wherever you are, giving your small business access  to a service that must be used by large scale organizations, such as, Virtual Assistant, Auto Attendant, E-Fax, Voicemail,  Sequential Calls, Never Miss a Call or Call Center solutions.

Mobility and Ease of Use

Today’s working environment is progressively portable, and small businesses particularly should have the capacity to work from various areas.

With a cloud-based phone system, small business employees have access to features that permit them to log in from anyplace so they can be reached while on the go, more prominent control over their productivity.
Improved Customer Service
Likewise with all organizations, downtime can be the worse problem when you are offering help for your clients, cloud based phone service providers can provide you the Virtual Assistant (IVR) or Auto Attendant feature, companies can easily direct calls to different offices and even make unique greetings to a given department.
Cost Savings

Switching to Virtual/hosted business phone service can trim down expensive hardware costs that are generally connected with traditional phone system. In addition, with free automatic upgrades and free IT support are additional benefits.Why Cloud based phone systems are best to Use?

Cloud based business phone systems are best for developing businesses that don’t have an IT staff to work and keep up PBX hardware. Likewise useful for organizations that need fast access to new telephone system features or have multiple locations and want their system all on one platform. As they can take advantage of fully-Integrated Communications System, Control Over Modes of Communication, Flexibility to Scale Up (and down), Business Continuity, New Service Features Added Easily, Time Management and Efficiency.


Get the Best Cloud based Phone System for your Business

A variety of approaches of communication exist to help us associate with customers, clients, and each other, however, few can replace the phone. They help us connect with individuals from everywhere throughout the world continuously, and next to an in-person meeting, are an ideal approach to communicating with each other. Businesses have a more prominent should be in contact with representatives and clients whenever they need to, anyplace they are. This is the where the cloud-based business phone systems enormously makes a difference.

Cloud based Business Phone Systems

A “cloud based phone service and system” is a telephone communication system t delivered through the internet. The fundamental requirement of a cloud-based VoIP phone service is the capacity to deliver calls over an internet connection. It ought to likewise provide premium features like virtual  phone numbers, voicemail to email, call recording, call forwarding, electronic fax and much more.Moreover, this can spare your business 40-80% on your telephone bill.

Stay Connected with the Right Phone System for your Business

Imagine your office in the cloud with Cebod telecom’s best VoIP phone service for small businesses. With their feature-rich VoIP phone system for business, you can:

  • Manage Communications from Anywhere
  • Grow Your Business on a Budget
  • Get Premium Business Phone Features at no additional cost
  • Get Free 1 Month trial

Regardless of where you will be, you can deal with your cloud based business phone system from a natural, web-based control panel. Modify account settings on the go from any Web browser or mobile phone.

Since their VoIP business phone services are managed in the cloud, you don’t need to stress over the cost of owning and keeping up an on location PBX. All you need is a phone and a internet connection.

Get the advanced calling features as you have to develop your business. Features incorporate global call forwarding, advanced call routing, IVR, Voicemail to Email, Time Based Routing, and the sky is the limit from there.

Great Deal for VoIP Phone Service for Small Businesses

As small businesses change and grow, the ability to quickly scale up -or down becomes a necessity. Adding new employees, for example, requires the company to adapt its phone system to accommodate the need for more lines.

That is harder to accomplish using traditional on-premise telephony systems due to higher setup and maintenance costs, the need for hardware on-site and reliance on IT support. A cloud-based phone system for small business, on the other hand, would enable small businesses to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined and agile manner.

The following points outline the advantages that small companies can accumulate by changing from traditional PBX systems to cloud-based business phone service.

  • Geographic Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost Savings
  • Business Continuity
  • Hosted Service

Cebod telecom hosted services that house all the phone system hardware offsite. Generally, all you need with a hosted cloud service is an acceptable Internet connection and working IP phones.

Telephone Systems Helps in Increasing the Productivity of Small Business

In every business whether it is big or small, communication is always needed. It is one way of understanding everything between the business, its employees, and customers. There are several telephone systems every small business can use to have a better communication with their clients, and one of which is the VoIP telephone system. It is one of the best telephone systems perfect for small business. Furthermore, VoIP telephone systems for small business offer lot of great benefits that all small business can.

VoIP or voice over IP allows a business to have phone calls with the help of an internet protocol data network. The VoIP telephone systems are perfect for small businesses since it offer several features that will definitely help every small business in their venture.

Features of VoIP Telephone System for Small Business

One feature that VoIP telephone systems have is the door phone entry buzzer integration. It permits the businesses to have two-way calls with their clients because of its analog door phone. This also secures the business.

Another feature it has is the find me/follow me call routing. It is one way of rerouting the call before ending up to voicemail. One great feature that VoIP telephone systemshave for small businesses is the transcription of voicemail to email. The feature works when a voicemail was sent and was transcribed to be sent to a business’ email. This allows the business to have a clearer understanding of the message.

Holding a customer during phone calls is normal in every business. However, it is not good to let them wait with dead silence. But with VoIP telephone systems, customers and clients will never have any problem while holding because they can hear good music that is pleasing to the ears. These are some features of VoIP telephone systems that small business can take advantage.

Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business

Cloud based phone systems are another telephone system that small businesses can use. It offers several benefits that make it also perfect for small businesses. One benefit it has is that it is fully combined communications system. It helps the employees of every small business to be in contact wherever they may be. It lets the employees have accessed to email, messaging, CRM tools and others and it increases the productivity of business.

Another benefit that cloud-based phone systems for small business have it can control the different methods of communication. Employees can access the business even when they are using their mobile phones, desk phone and softphone. The cloud solutions make it possible for the business to select what features that they need to use and can turn off the unneeded features.

Another benefit it gives is that it is comfortable to use and can be use everywhere. Small businesses need to function even they are not in their office that is why; the cloud based phone system makes it possible for them. Businesses can now log in and access the phone system wherever they are. They can be easily contacted and can increase their productivity even outside the office.

Small businesses need to work every day to make their business grow and expand. To achieve success as soon as possible, it helps to use VoIP telephone systems and cloud based phone systems. The two telephone systems help in increasing the productivity of the employees and businesses because they can access their work anywhere and anytime no matter what device they are using.


Redefining Business Communications with the Cloud Based Phone Service and Systems

Communication has incredibly advanced over the course of many years and has allowed us to be truly connected anywhere we go. Businesses have a greater need to be in contact with employees and customers whenever they need to, anywhere they are. This is where the cloud based phone system tremendously helps.

What is cloud-based phone service?

A cloud based phone service typically works with the use of the Internet. It is also referred to as Internet based phone system or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These are normally a framework of phone connections that work together, commonly with businesses, to route voice and video calls over an Internet connection. The main benefit of having the VOIP phone service is the elimination of traditional in-house hardware that can be costly and riddled with maintenance issues. A company that utilizes cloud-based phone system also saves much on telephone bills and other expenditures associated with the conventional phone system.

How does it work?

Unlike the traditional on-premise PBX, which is housed inside offices, cloud-based phone system has its own PBX at a remote location. Voice traffic moves over the Internet or even cellular network, making the system more functional and reliable. It does not require anything more than the regular phone system you already have although the main difference lies in the utilization of the Internet cloud system.

The phone service has additional services like auto-receptionist, call queueing, voice mail, multi-party conferencing, call recording among others, making it the best VOIP phone service for small business.

It should be able to provide interconnectivity anywhere in the world.  This is to allow the team members to work in a single phone service network, creating a web that can be utilized by your remote offices and team members anytime and anywhere. The VOIP phone service provider like Cebod Telcom also allows instant connectivity to your existing devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and mobile computers.

Benefits of using a cloud based phone system

Whether you have five or 500 employees, migrating to a cloud based phone system can be the best solution to your business’ communication needs because of the numerous benefits it has.


One of the primary advantages of having a cloud-based phone system is the ease of implementation. An easy and seamless application of the system does not require a new phone structure. It also does not need new installation of hardware. A simple integration to the Internet cloud is enough to start using the application, and usage can be done instantly.


Using the cloud based phone system can also be cost-effective for small businesses that do not have the means to house an on-premise PBXs. Switching to this newer technology can trim down hardware costs that are usually associated with on-site hardware. Moreover, call fees between office branches anywhere in the world would also cut down on company expenses as they are completely free. All you have to pay for is the number of people using the system.

Customer Support

As with all businesses, downtime can be the worse problem when you are providing support for your customers, cloud based phone service providers can give you with the needed steps to get your business up and running immediately so you can provide your customers with the support they need.


In addition, setting a cloud-based phone system can build your business reputation. It can boost the reputation of your brand. Cloud-based telephony gives you the ability to pick up calls wherever you are, giving your small business access to a service that can only be utilized by large scale businesses.

Why is Cloud Business Phone System Vital for Your Business?

Communication plays a very important role when you are starting your business. It is, therefore, important that you have a great telephone system that can ensure that you can contact your clients and customers and keep in touch. With the right business phone, you can make a difference and therefore you must pick the right business phone that suits your requirements and budget. Cloud business phone system is very much becoming a trend these days as more and more entrepreneurs and business owners pick it over the conventional business phone system. There are various cloud phone companies that offer their services and ensure that they are able to deliver as per their promises and expectations.

  • Business today goes beyond boundaries and therefore it is important that you think of a phone system that allows you to communicate with your clients and customers across the globe as and when you want.
  • Cloud business phone offers a great and simple way to make calls across the globe and ensure that you are in touch with your business partners and customers to keep them aware and updated about your business products and services. With cloud services you can make intercontinental voice calls over the internet and even route inbound calls to other extension numbers or customer representatives working in different departments.
  • You can also make use of other systems and services like voice conferencing to ensure that all your departments working in different regions and countries can connect and communicate.
  • Budget is also one of the main factors that can influence your concept of buying cloud based telephone system. With cloud phone system you can be sure that you don’t pay beyond your budget. The system allows you to pay only for the calls you have made and therefore you can save more money along with getting all PBX features for free
  • Voice quality is also one of the critical aspects when choosing business phone system and with cloud services you can be sure that you crystal clear voice and call service. Call clarity can make a huge difference to your business and therefore you need to go for cloud phone services that offer crystal clear call service. With clear communication, you can always make the first impression and take your business forward.

In many ways, cloud phone system is cheaper than conventional phone system and this is an ideal option for small business owners who want to secure their funds in the initial days.

Why Should You Look for the Best VOIP Business Phone Service?

Technology advancement has only made it easier for us to communicate effectively. While we have moved on to the world of apps and social media we are still much dependent on telephones that help us stay connected with our loved ones and professionally with our clients and customers and even business partners. Hence, no matter what business you do you need to have a great business phone service that can allow you to make calls without burning a hole in your wallet. Secondly, it should also offer better quality calls and provide you with multiple features to enhance the entire communication experience.

While conventional phone systems are still quite prevalent VOIP phone services are quickly taking over the market. There are many business owners and entrepreneurs that prefer VOIP business phones over conventional phone systems because it is known as the future of telecommunications. It is a fast medium where data is transmitted through optical fibers while copper wires are used for regular landline phones. In a world where things are competitive and time is valuable you need a faster way to communicate to your partners and therefore you need best VOIP business phone service to keep you in the competition.

Another reason why VOIP business phone systems will eventually take over the conventional landlines is because they are cheaper than the traditional phone system. VOIP phones make use of the internet and therefore they are low cost. Hence, the low-cost fast-connect combination is a must for business. Many small businesses prefer it where they need to cut down their cost of production and need speedy connections.

Optical fibers not only make the connections faster but better and therefore it improves the call clarity. This again is a major factor that ensures that VOIP phones are going to dominate the telecommunications market in the future. When compared to local phone service VOIP phones are far better in offering crystal clear calls to ensure that you are able to talk to your clients and customers in a better way. There are no call drops and disturbances to ensure that both parties are able to listen and talk effectively. You can also get to make a number of extensions without having to make more payments to the phone company. With VOIP phone service you get other top features like call waiting, voice conferencing, call divert, call forward and caller ID which enables you to handle your business more efficiently.


Inbound Call Tracking Solutions

If you are looking for a way to keep track of the effectiveness of your business, you need an inbound call tracking service that is built-in to your phone service. Today’s VOIP technology allows you to do just that with a host of features that will never leave you wanting. With VOIP, you can track every inbound call your company takes and measure the effectiveness of your staff in satisfying your customer needs.

Control through Tracking

VOIP provides you with unmatched inbound call tracking solutions by offering it to you as a built in service feature. There is no need to outsource the oversight of your company’s marketing campaigns or the effectiveness of your employees in customer relations.

Easy Setup

Many VOIP providers offer easy-to-use interfaces that can help you monitor your inbound call logs and analyze your company’s call data. All you need to do is set yourself up and any other authorized person as an administrator to view and monitor calls. Even better is VOIP’s ability to store this information in the cloud, giving you nearly limitless access to important company data.

Track Every Call and Every Result

VOIP’s inbound call tracking solutions give you access to each and every call your company receives. Therefore, you can easily keep track of your company’s sales efforts and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can assign unique numbers to each campaign your company implements, and analyze the effectiveness of those campaigns based on the call volume you receive and the efforts of your sales team.

Cost Effective

Unlike outsourced inbound call tracking solutions services, VOIP delivers inbound call tracking to you as a built-in feature of your service plan. There’s no need for pay-per minute plans. Therefore you are saving your company time and money.


Making VOIP’s inbound call tracking solutions as a feature of your phone service plan is an effective way to keep your employees accountable to your company standards. You can use it for call monitoring and training purposes, and you can gain intelligence on how your customers interact with your company on a daily basis.

Making VOIP a Part of Your Business

With VOIP quickly taking over the role of many phone services by integrating them into one simple service, I’d say it’s about time you consider switching. There are just so many advantages to VOIP compared to traditional plans. With VOIP, you get the competitive edge.